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Join Our Growing Network of Urgent Care Facilities

We are dedicated to expanding our network of urgent care facilities to provide top-tier medical services across the Greater Philadelphia area. Our commitment to healthcare excellence drives our search for practices that align with our stringent acquisition criteria, ensuring that every new addition to our portfolio enhances our ability to serve the community effectively. 


Acquisition Criteria Overview

Practice Type:
We are specifically looking for Urgent Care practices, as they are integral to our mission of delivering immediate, high-quality medical attention.

Portfolio Size:
Our target range is acquiring portfolios with one (1) to fifteen (15) units.

Geographic Focus:
Our geographic focus encompasses the Greater Philadelphia area, including, but not limited to, Eastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, Central Jersey, and Delaware. 

Real Estate Specifications:
We seek “Best in Market” locations that stand out for their accessibility and potential to attract and serve patients. Our criteria include a minimum space of 2,800 square feet and at least five (5) exam rooms to ensure adequate capacity and a comfortable patient experience.

De Novo Criteria

For new site developments, we maintain specific criteria to ensure each new location is optimized for urgent care services:

Geographic Reach:
Similar to our acquisition criteria, our new developments focus on the Greater Philadelphia area, tapping into the same regions to strengthen our network's presence.

Space Requirements:
We aim for 3,000 to 3,500 square feet of space, ideally positioned as a high-visibility end-cap or freestanding retail space to maximize accessibility and patient inflow.

Property Specifications:
We prioritize new or newer spaces that can be easily retrofitted to meet the healthcare industry's standards, ensuring a clean, modern, and welcoming healthcare environment.

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